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Lightroom presets and Editing Course

Sophie Lindler

I spent so many years editing photos changing and I’ve changed my style way more than I’d like to admit. I also spent a lot of time doubting the work I was returning to my clients. It took me years of trial and error and really diving in to learning how to edit to finally get to a point where I was proud of the images I was returning.

Okay so is it just me, or are you struggling to keep a consistent editing style and workflow?

You want a timeless look with a side of all the feels with your photos 

You want to expand in your knowledge of lightroom and applying presets

You want to serve your clients better through your photos

You struggle to keep a consistent editing style

This course is going to be a game changer for you if...

Let me guess, that didn’t quite work out for you. I know I’ve been there. My hope behind these tutorials is that that’s NOT where you end up at the end. I want you to walk away from this course with the ability to alter just what you need to make these presets look the best that they possibly can on your photos.

In these videos you’ll be able to see my screen as I cover my steps once I apply the presets. But before you do that, I strongly advise you to go over some of my favorite workflow tips, the equipment I shoot with, and the settings I use. You can find all of this in the PDF you bought with this guide!

I’m sure you’ve bought presets before and they were advertised as a “one-click” does it all type deal.


Try the presets for yourself...

A 17 page PDF that covers my editing tips, what I shoot with, my settings, and my editing workflow

Step by step screen sharing videos of me explaining and giving examples of the changes I make to the presets while editing

2 different presets created to give you a timeless and film inspired edit to your photo

In this course you’ll get...


Will this help me understand how to edit and deliver better photos?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Absolutely! After 7 years in this industry I have spent thousands of hours learning how to edit photos in the best possible way not for me, but for MY CLIENTS! The goal of these presets and course is to teach you and give you the confidence to edit your photos in the best possible way that serves your clients well.

How would you describe the look of these presets?

After years of going through hundreds of presets, I finally have gotten to a place where I love the look of the presets I am using. I would describe these presets as a timeless and film inspired look. My hope is that in 20+ years my clients will be able to look back at their photos and still love the way they are edited!

Are these presets a one click type of thing?

While these presets are super versatile, they most likely won’t be a one click and you are done type thing. Every photo varies so much by lighting, colors, time of day etc. That’s why I wanted to include a guide for how I edit my photos in various settings to give you the tools you need to get these presets perfect for your photos! You will get to see me share my screen and show you the simple adjustments I make while using the presets :)

What is included in this course?

1) PDF “Editing Course Guide” that walks you through my equipment, settings, storage, my workflow, and all the details on how I edit.

2) The two presets I edit all of my photos with! One true to color preset and one film inspired preset.

3) Screen sharing videos of me using the presets and making all the adjustments I do while editing!

Hi there! I’m Sophie and I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer and I have had the joy of shooting hundreds of weddings and sessions for over eight years. It has been the greatest journey of my life full of lots of new friends, traveling all over the world, and lots of adventures in between. It has truly been a dream come true to tell stories for a living.

I will never get over that I get to preserve moments and give something tangible to remember some of the greatest days of our lives.

I truly cannot get over how blessed I am by this job and the clients I get to serve.

I firmly believe that one of the best ways to serve your clients is through better editing. This course and presets are designed to help you achieve just that!


This Is For You If...

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